Open-Cool Schoolday

2017.03.19 😀 In a school year, my school, 2-3 times does an open-day , called 开放日, where basically the school invites people to come and look what is going on in here. It is pretty cool, because a couple of reasons. First, you can make friends easily. For me as a so-called ‘foreigner’, although i … More Open-Cool Schoolday


2017.01.16I am excited. alright just get a bunch of information onto you.  So I am excited because…. I go to Shanghai tomorrow. Right now I am in the metro, listening to upbeat music. I finished cutting my first ever video. I am preparing for a presentation to say about my life in Shenzhen to other … More Excited

Focus back ON

This past 2 weeks has not been a miracle for me. Lots of things took my attention and focus away from the place I am going toward. FROM being better in Chinese, getting to know the culture and most importantly the person that I want to be in tomorrow.  But I get back on track, … More Focus back ON

Lived This Week

My hours, days, weeks and generally the time goes really fast by in Shenzhen. Although it is like this, I get a lots of things done in this short periods of time. I create high-peak moments, and I live the life that I am wanting to. Let’s take this week for an example. On Tuesday … More Lived This Week