Hangzhou – How big is China?

Hangzhou is a really developed Chinese commercial and trade center itself with it’s population of 10 million inhabitants. This city unlike Shenzhen is also equipped with cultural and traditional sights.Still in the city you can mostly see skyscrapers and well-organized buildings, roads.

What was shocking to hear is that Hangzhou East Railway station, one of the couple of railway stops in the metropolitan area serves around 250 thousand people an average day. This means that about a quarter million people go to different cities all around China with this starting point.

hangzhou dong zhan

Imagine how organized should a huge building needs to be to serve this many people constantly. If we break this down to seconds 24/7, that means about 3 people /second are going from this station. Next to these of course they handle the tickets, which you can either purchase online or you could buy at the station. There is actually more than 60 windows where you can either purchase or refund, change your tickets.

This is how big China is. And the good thing about this, is that they plan, and they know that they have to serve 1.5 billion people at the same time. This is why in new cities they make and build up huge constructions, and they do it right. Even though at the point of building there are no people or compared to the size it is much fewer people who seem that can take advantage of the building. But as it gets done, it feels small for that many people, Amazing.

shanghai kereszteződés

In the next blog I am coming back with some interesting facts about the convenience of life here in China.

Stay tuned!

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