Suzhou – The city which was founded 2500 years ago

We are off to the next destination, Nanjing which is the capital of Jiangsu province. The destination we went yesterday was Suzhou. This ’little’ city is beautiful and exciting at the same time. We lived at the best destination, in the old city and the suburbs of Suzhou. The city is located 100 kilometers  northwest of Shanghai.

shanghai suzhou... distance.png

It is easy to see, and understand that these smaller than huge cities are always centered around  metropolitan areas with enormous amount of population. Next to Shanghai there are more big cities like this as well. But I got to say that this city with it’s 10 million people it is for sure much tranquil than the metropolitan Giant, Shanghai itself.

If you visit the second most populated city of Jiangsu province you will surely feel confused. The city was founded in 514 BC, thus it holds the history of the last 2500 years. Around 100 it become one of the ten largest cities of the world mostly due to emigration of other parts of China. After this Suzhou became a real center of commerce and national economics, until now it is an important commercial center of China. Fun fact that this was the largest non-capital city of the world.


The city’s canals, stone bridges and pagodas and also that the Classical Gardens of Suzhou has been added to the Unesco world heritage make this city a huge tourist attraction. With the rivers and lakes the city contain it is being called as the Venice of China.

The other surprising fact that although there are so many people and there are a lot more motors than cars on the road. They even built roads specially for this reason, next to the pedestrian street there are always the motor roads. You need to hear this number: they have about 3,5 million motors solely in the city, which means if we look at the whole metropolitan area – every single third person has a Motor.

Most of these motorbikes are electronic, but you also find regular ones as well. It is just crazy how they can ride it around the city. When crossing the streets you should pay much more attention on the motorbikes than cars. I couple of times felt pretty scared when going through little alleys, like where we lived. By the way – I also tried out one of these electronic babies.

This city is also a tourist attraction because of it’s splendid ancient culture. You can find anything, and it is the best place if you are looking for some fun and traditions in China as a traveller.

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