Coming back to China for more

2018.08.08. 13:20

As I am writing these lines I am sitting on a train from Shanghai to Suzhou, our next destination. The past days been crazy good. I arrived here in China at the 6th of August, 7 o’clock in the morning. After the 17 hour flight from Budapest, and the fact that I didn’t sleep in the last 24 hours, left me with only one thought in mind: to lay in a big, comfy bed and sleep.

But China is always leaving me with surprises.

As soon as I arrived in the airport, I just realized how I missed this kind of life while I was doing an exchange here. The opportunities that I have taken and the things that I did during my stay, made me realize that it was one of the best years ever.

With these in mind, I couldn’t just sleep and waste my time, I need to go around and explore the entire city. So how do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite. That’s what I did, bite by bite – ate everything what I could of China.

The food is something that I need to talk about, it is just so amazing, every little city has it’s own culture of eating. They all have their won cuisines. I think that I will include a food section in every single destination I take.


The first 2 days we spent in Shanghai which is the largest city by population all over China. It is a global fiancial center and it is located in the Yangzte river delta.

What you can see in Shanghai that there is an ’old city’ – it is actually not that old, because throughout it still has 30 floor buildings. But compared to the new PuDong area it is really not as developed as it seems like from the first sight. The Pudong New Area is developing since the early 1990s and it has more than 5 million cities in this district. The second biggest skyscraper is also based here with a unbelievable height of 632 meters high.

Next to the Bund which is a place on the other side of the river, facing Pudong, The Shanghai Tower is the one of the biggest tourist attraction in the city. We had the chance to go up to the 119th floor, and look below us.


There is some more coming in the future, of Shanghai.

Until then, follow me here.

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