Splendid 2018

This year has been crazy so far, and we are only about to start the second half of 2018. 🙂

I want to tell you what happened during this time, since I did not write to my Blog.

As I was finishing my exchange year in China, my parents came by airplane to HongKong to visit me. I brought them around some of the most splendid places, that I have explored during my year in China, such as Foshan, Guangzhou, the inner city of Shenzhen. We created lots of exciting memories during the last 2 weeks I spent in China.


But since then, life has been crazy and I have been going to all the places. I am grateful, that I learned so much the past one year in Hungary.I am going to tell you about the tie I spent here in Hungary just now.

I came home, had a welcome-back party, it was so great to reunite with all the friends I left home a year ago already.

I finally could realize, how much I learned throughout my exchange year. After a couple of weeks, months after coming back home, I understood, that without coming back home you cannot really realize how much you have changed, as well improved as a person!

From August until yesterday, our cute family hosted a Chinese exchange student, Béla. We enjoyed spending time with him, he is a great guy, and we sure showed him the hungarian way of living, with eating amazing meals, and shared with him the way we party. 😉


I learned a lot in business as well, I am really proud of some of the projects that we started. There were some that we failed, and did not really get it right. But with all of this, I am learning, ad expanding my knowledge daily, which is just splendid.



We started to mine cryptocurrencies, for the first project to start off with. We are currently mining Zcash. I think it was a good way to gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies and about blockchain in general, because while we put together th project, we had to understand and deepen knowledge in Blockchain technology.


One of our success projects that we started, is a newly developed trading platform, which helps traders to trade more convenient and can help them get access to some features, that are mostly not provided by a lot of the stock trading sites. (Stop-Loss Manager®)

Right now, I am organizing a smaller project, which want to target the young-, Z-generations. I am with some of my friends are putting together a group, where these young, smart individuals can speak up, and talk about their ideas, and their understanding about the world. Our next BrainUp event is going to be held on the 5th of July.


For a close, I also started to learn Japanese as my 4th foriegn language. I truly enjoy learning new ways of spreading my thoughts with the world. Furthermore, I just like the way those Japanese characters our written down haha.

Happy Saturday! 🙂

*If you want to know more about one of my projects, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

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