Last Weeks

I apologize for that I didn’t write in the last couple of weeks. 

It is not just that I was busy, but as well I am looking forward the last 2,5 weeks in China. I am excited to meet my family in the following days. Although I know that if I leave this place, I most likely will not come back for a longer time. 

As well, the C1 level language exam is coming up at the weekend, which means a milestone in my Chinese study. I feel proud of myself for this long way I came, from the time that I just separated from my family. 

I guess you know the feeling when you know that you need to go, or you even want to move, change your life, but fear, just don’t want to leave the place that you’re in. Well, if you do, I feel you. 

See for me this is eventually going to happen, even if I sleep over this 3 weeks. I am so excited about going back, I feel the same huge excitement just before I came here, I want my new-old life back. I want to go back and make a difference! 

I just cannot imagine, how awesome is that that I know a language, a culture that most people dont know shit about! I am awesome, go back and just tell people that I know Chinese. How crazy is that. Go to the Chinese markets buy some stuff using the common tongue, mandarin. 

At the same time, do I know that for sure if I will ever use this language again? No. But I think that is the beautiful in it. This is what is beautiful in life. You can let go of the things, the mindset, the friends, literally anything. You can let go of them if you don’t want them in your life! 

Also you can keep the ideas, the stuff that you want in your life! How amazing is this! Life gives you so many choices. That is why I cannot say that something what happened is ‘not my fault’. I am responsible for everything, but I am not responsible for them towards anybody, but Myself! This is just magnificent about life. 

I wanted to come here to China. I wannted to skip a year of school so that I can create a new life here. I wanted to learn Chinese! 

Now is time to decide, what do I want to use this knowledge for? What will I put into use of this whole year. These are all my choices. 

My father always used to say this: New day arises, new opportunities come.🙏

This life is about how we take those opportunities. How we handle the day ahead of us. I only can learn 24 hours a day. Noone has more than that. When I came here I had about 300 days of these days. I want to say that I have made this as great as possible! I made this 300+ days dope. I have learnt a lot, I made a lot of friends and had fun. 

Now comes another time, but I choose not to forget these days. I choose my Chinese not to fade away. I choose to use this knowledge for something great. I choose to have contact with my friends here over the next life.

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