Your Own Ship

4 Exchange students in Shenzhen all leading a whole different life. We stay in one City, but still are lives could not be more different. We come from different places, with the purpose to stay a year in China, experiencing the Asian culture and daily life.

One of this students, and personally one of the most sarcastic, funny guy I have ever known, has a host-mother who works for the goverment. So they invited us to go on a trip by taking the government’s ship.



I got tanned which is in Chinese terms, not so good, the white skin is so much sexier they think. While getting this brownish skin color we had created a whole bunch of photographs with strangers, and had heck of time talking, dancing, doing the titanic and just funning around.


The weird thing is, that if I spend time with crazy people like some of these guys, awesome things happen. Not just, you learn, understand other aspects, other cultural views on each thing, but you make some friendships, which may last forever. Also, these people show me my real self.

Titanic 😀

Being with the people that you like, you just simply do not hide anything. People has the best of times while being with their friends. I go where my friends go. and everyone does. Just remember, you are the average of your 5 friends. If they are crazy, like these people, I cannot help but I will be crazy as hell.


What I realize every single day, that this ship is YOUR ship. Your life is yours, you do what you want with it. Where are you taking this small boat or are you taking some friends with you on your yacht? 😉

I am telling you, sailing on the sea, this beautiful scenery  it has, the wind that blows your hair, the sun that is shining on your cheeks, it is all what a person needs. Good people around, having fun, watch the amazing clouds, this world worth a lifetime discovering.

That is why I love travelling, and doing these fun, day to day activities, to see the world in different viewpoints, to see how amazing and spectecular Earth is. I traveled to lots of places, but there are so much more on my bucket list!

I personally think that travelling also brings you growth in yourself. Seeing the world, understanding a lot, so you could get it that how little you actually know in this life. Travelling brings you more benifits than some memories.

You realize so much while you are travelling your own journey. I want to inspire you to go, go see the world, do something cool, fun, new, today. Do not try to be someone else, counquer yourself, your own sea!

While doing it, have a huge smile on your face, enjoy! Today is what you got. Focus on the next 24 hours ahead of you, and get it people!




My mentor always says:

  1. Get Excited
  2. Pay Attention
  3. And Never Quit

Let’s live life by these!

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