Weekend Wake


The thing is what I want to start off with is that I looove the weekend. But my reasons towards this statement are not the same why most people love it so much. I love it because finally I get real, precious time to get to know myself. I have this valuable 2 days to relax and go deeper into self-development. I love the weekend because I can finally focus 100% on my goals, and I do not have to care about school or anything like this. For most people the weekend is for them to destroy themselves, but for me, this is the time when I build my dreams, when I build myself.

I have a mentor. Although he does not know me yet, I know that we are going to meet, in the future. This guy is a 23 year old entrepreneur and one of the best at what he does on the world. He is amazing, this is the winner who says ‘Work like you Broke!‘ and he means it, he shows it day by day. Truly inspiring what he does, and has been through. Sashin Govender

I have learnt a lot through this culture of China. These people are the ones that work like they are broke. Kids from the age of 7 has school from 7:30-4:30. On the weekend they take extra classes, to improve themselves even more. It creates this challange, this copetition from an early age. It as well creates, what is called: Urgency.

This one word, Urgency,  includes in itself what it takes to be a winner. What it takes you to finish that damn game. What gets you motivated to take action instead of sitting on the couch like a potato and watch TeleVision for the whole damn day.

This why I think, and there is no doubt about that, that Asia is the one that creates history in the next generation to come. Relations, and great relationships with foriegn, Asain countries could be beneficial for any other country to rise.

Gets us, Hungarians, to the point where we could maybe double our annual GDP because of these relationships. “The Chinese Government has raised Hungarian-Chinese bilateral cooperation to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership, which is the highest category possible in the Asian country” – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said. How could this be beneficial to Hungary?


In Conclusion, China is going and growing really fast. His Overall GDP is the second highest following the lead of the U.S. Ties with China could be beneficial towards our growth as a country, so we must keep an eye on these relationships.

Some Additional Info’s on China, and it’s connections with Hungary.

One Belt, One Road

China Hungary Bilateral Ties

Hungary and The New Silk Road


P.s. I personally love to read these articles on topics of business, trade, and foreign affairs. I do think that being an Investor as I want to be, some of these that are  happening could really help you to understand the outcomes of the future. This is what an Investor does when he invests. He invests for the future to come, he sees an opportunity and goes after it. But the only thing is that to see that thing what other people cannot, you have to become the person that other people do not want to. ‘Do what other people won’t, So you could do what other people can’t.’

Go, Make it Happen!

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