You have the power

You got the feeling when you listen to a song, and you just can not get it out of your head.

Well right now this just goes in my head, over and over, I just cannot stop. But I think I am special a little. For example I got the song but, you know what, I get the feeling too, it is an upbeat, fun song, I just smile, sing, dance crazy. People just look at me like, ‘what got into this kid?!’

But the funniest, and most appealing part is that I got the power to give this upbeat version of myself to others. I am considered generally a fun, positive guy, and I think that is the only reason that all my friends when saw me smile. I think that me being so out-going and optimistic, I bring some of this to other people.

I meet with awesome fellows from all around the place. I love these Chinese kids, altough they have this pressure on them, that you have to study good, so on the College Entrance Exam, you could do good to get in a great university, they are all so fun, mate.

Chinese youth is amazing babe! They make fun out of everything. I love these people! I want to grow up having this cool attitude, towards this. Smile at everyone!

The youth is what is building tomorrow’s world! My father always says, anybody that can attract the following of the youth, can become successful and wealthy. I see this becoming so truth. See I have the power to form this world. I have the power to make this Earth become a better place.

Do we save the planet or just let it slip. These decisions are in OUR hands, not in anybody elses. We, I mean we, the youth are the ones that will take over in a decade.

To lead this world successfully, we need more to that, than this current type of Education system. We need more, useful knowledge, and I mean useful knowledge on topics like: Creativity, Leadership, how to lead people, Politics, these kinds of things.

My Classmates back in Hungary just finished their College Entrance Exam, and want to go to a good University, so then they could get a decent paying job, and whe they get old, they want to get the retirement checks every single month. This is already over, you need more to this to make a great living, to make A Living Living!

It is a new age, you need another kind of knowledge and skills in order to make life successful and fulfilled with high-peak moments.

I know one thing. I am a guy that God had a purpose for. I am the one. I want to help and give back to people, I want to leave this earth here better than when I came into it. I know that this is going to be hard, but I see that too that this youth want more as I do. We influence this planet faster and more efficient than ever before.

This period is the Time of Information. The one that has the Information before than anybody, they have the power to change this planet. People follow leaders. Leaders know more than their followers and are lead by a greater power above us. I believe that being great leaders that are lead by their hope for a better world we can achieve what we want and what is great for everyone.

Please think about this, and with this mindset work hard, make people’s day up with a smile 🙂. Like everything, Change starts with one little step, one little thing that you do everyday. Smile, make a great impact on people, be the one! You have the power in your hands!

Make it happen guys!



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