Why is it Good to Know Chinese / Languages

On Sunday I had spent a day with an amazing family from Hungary.

Talking hungarian, well I gotta say, but it does feel really weird. I have to admit that there are couple of words that I say too often, it is pretty hard to describe or just to say what you want to say, after not using your mother-tounge for the past 9 months.

Next to this, I think I even got an accent, just listening to my own voice is hard…. This brings up a lot of thoughts. First is that even if something that has been part of your life for so long, you can forget it. This brings me to something, that I have been thinking, despite I want to learn to speak at least 5 languages fluently, I still want to use them all, and I need to use them, or else, I forget it…

I want my Chinese to thrive when I go home, but the thing is, that after all this will not matter, all that matters is that 5-10 or 30 years from then can I use this background to build up my carrier. I want to make use of this huge advantage of me being here in China. I am sure that I want to make some huge business overseas.

Actually this is the reason I came to China. I know that the history of the next decades and centuries are being made here in China / Asia . See I want to be part of this movement, of this change.

I don’t know if you have heard of the Belt and Road Initiative, that is the biggest plan in centuries between Europe and China. China been starting this a little over 3 years ago, and 60 countries are getting involved into this project. It is just huge. So what is this basically: The Belt and Road initiative is geographically structured along 6 corridors, and the maritime silk road.


It is basically a way to transport to and off China using land as a vehicle. Like this Goods will go through China arriving to Russia and other neighboring countries through land. The ocean tranportation is still much more expensive and as well takes longer time for us, Europeans to recieve goods from China. With this it is more expensive.

“China invested more than $50 billion in countries along the One Belt One Road initiative between 2014 and 2016, after the project was first unveiled in 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Sunday.” – Caixin

What I am saying, that China is the right place to do business. I am telling you, here in Shenzhen, Shanghai, big cities like this, opportunities are all around. They write the history. If anyone wants to become successful, China and learning Chinese is a really good way to start.

So I just gave a little of my why. The reason that I want to learn and understand this beautiful culture along the language.

And I also want to encourage everyone to lear, learn learn, because you do not know what you can apply in the future.


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