Saturday Fun

This weekend rocked!

I just want to share with you guys real quick the way I spent my Saturday. It is the weekend, so I know that I can be productive, but I have some time to have fun, and play. With this mindset, and a ticket in my hand I went to see a huge exhibition of Chinese Culture.

This exhibition was real fun, first of all because I got the ticket for free, and I actually got 2 of them, second of all is that places where Chinese people go to hang out, must be fun, because the people who live in the city, kow the good stuff in the city. They know the places where you should go, and what to visit.

So as I said I have one more ticket, so I invited one of my German friends to come join me in this exhibition. I love this guy, he is the fun guy, he is always happy, and we can do some crazy stuff  together, he got this little weirdness, what I got as well. We go out, that is fun from the beginning till the end, but if we got things to do, that even cooler.

This exhibition was on cultures and traditions in the different places of China. We could say that in 3 hours we went to visit 50 different cities of this beautiful country.

As well what I really liked, that had a Hungarian exhibit too, where 2 Hungarian guys played on a ping pong table, football. Haha, that is awesome, I even High-Fived with them, and talked a little in Hungarian, but it felt extremely weird, I nearly forgot how to speak it, I have a huge accent…

I will put up some cool pics, let them speak for themselves.

After this huge exhibiton, I went to meet with my classmates. We had a great dinner in Splendid China, Shenzhen. It is a considered cultural place, and sightseeing in Shenzhen, although this city unfortunately does not posses that many culture, due to the fact that it has been a little farm village 30 years ago. (now it has more than 12 million citizens)

In School we just changed classes which means that I am studying Literature Subjects, like Chinese, Geography, History and Politics, these are the focused subjects. These class is my class from September. Because of this change, their parents still want to keep in contact, and us too, so they organized this for us.

Thanks for reading!

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