What you leave behind

Today I started to think about the near future, going back to Hungary. Although I have about 2 more months in China, still there is this feeling that I have to live something here that lives more after I leave.ย The past 9 months have been amazing, and I created a bunch of friends, but these friends and the people only make true friendship, and friendships that can last forever if after I leave here I still keep in contact with them.

I have a bunch of friends, still I do not know how many of these friends will get washed away by the ocean, that’s called time. I do not know how many friends will I still have contact with just a year from now.

I have been through this situation, making friends until the point you have to leave them. This is hard stuff, it turns out who your real friends are, when you go back to your old life. Same thing happened when I came, I knew that if I come here, I will have to let go of somethings, or some friends, who I thought were my friends, but in reality not so much.

It is something else, when you know you have to leave. I think of it as it is, as death is. You die, but you still live in people’s hearth! You went away, but truly you only live this earth when your name is to be heard the last time. When I leave this Earth, I want to leave a legacy behind, I want the next 5-10 generations to know my name, and know it for something great that I have done here, while living in this World!

Know this is only a slightly difference here, in this situation. You can come back and live here once again. Still one thing remains, people will remember you for some time. And I want to be remembered as the funny guy, as the guy who is handsome, who always has a smile on his face, someone who is a true winner, who helped others, and had made other’s life better.

Life will never be the same. Life is Changing. I made some real bonds here, and I want to keep them, want this to be something precious. 4 years ago I failed with keeping in contact with my friends. I lived 1 year in Miami, and it has just been 4 years, but I only can say I have 1 friend who I talked to more than 1 times a year. I am not proud of this, but this happened, life went on, and I didn’t fight to keep something special in life, someone that likes you for who you are as a person, who helps you in troubles, a real friend.

This time, I cannot allow this to happen. This is called Social Networking, and I am telling you, any of you out there who are trying to make it in life, this is something that without, you cannot get to the life that you desire to have. Successful people all do that. They connect, link with people, not only for the reason to connect, for the reason to keep these bonds, these real relationships. It does worth it.

There is a saying that really got popular over the topic of Leadership, and it sounds like this: ‘You can like people without leading them, but you cannot lead people well without liking them.’ (5 Levels of Leadership, How Successful People Lead – Book) you have to like people before you both can benefit from this friendship.


Whether these friendships will be beneficial or not, I still want it not to fade away. I want to have these people as my friends over a lifetime! So I will do anything, after my return to Hungary, to keep these friendships blooming. I would like to call the friends for the rest of my life. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ฌ๐Ÿ‘ซ

Hope you you got some value of this Blog! Wish you can keep your friends for a long long time, because this is one of the most precious things in life that you get!

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