Come Back to Life

Alright people!

I have not been really up to date with my blog, in the past 3 weeks. A lots and lots of things happened.

One of which is that I experienced great learning points in my-self study. What I mean by saying this, is that I have gone through a lot in the past 9 months, and I have got to know myself, better and better. I am really thankful for this.

One of the great things about this exchange year, and any other bigger trip to another place, is that you can really see how you react in special situations. You see your great points in yourself, but what is even more important in this, is that you can actually get to know your weaknesses. 

All of us, humans, want to hide our weakness, we do not want the world to know that we are lack of something. We sometimes do not even realize our own mistakes.

This is wrong!

It is the opposite in my thinking. You should get to know yourself, you need your whole, 100%, self to become the person that you want to be! In order to be that, you have to work on your weakness. You have to get going to achive the life you want!

I fight myself

I got off the track in the past two weeks, and altough I did make some progress, but not as much as I wanted to. I am having an exam in 2 months, taking Chinese HSK test’s 5th level. I had a plan to this and that, but I felt that I just did not want to. I cared but I did not accept that weakness, and didn’t learn that much. I had to think a lot, and think, and talked with my father, so that I could really come out of this pit that I have made for myself.

I had fun in the past 2 weeks, I did crazy stuff, and while doing this enjoyed life! But still it was this feeling that I fight myself, or I want to fight myself, but I just couldn’t win. I just couldn’t say to myself: ‘Hey kid, get up, and do the right thing!’


Follow One Course Until Successful

Give it all your best and go for it fellows! I hope this might add some value to you, so you could as well think, and do the right thing, making and achieving to be a greater level of yourself, that You want to be!

Stay Tuned to my Instagram!


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