Shenzhen Middle School Fun

I am sorry for the past 2-3 weeks, I have had a lots of fun and unfortunately no time to write my blog. But today I give you an insight of a day, where me and my friend visited another school.


I and a friend, 朱骁,because we had no school, we went, how silly this sounds, to visit another school. It is Shenzhen’s first middle school and one of the oldest ones, called: Shenzhen Middle School, or 深中。I have some friends in 深中, so we met with them as well. It was a pretty fun day with lots to do! I eat a lot and had a lots of fun experiences.

Such as these: played ping-pong for the second time in China. I figured out that my skills, at last, are not so bad, and I had fun just playing around. We had made a couple of friends as well. But what we did most is that we created a huge amount of laughter, and memories for our lives.

This school is actually, pretty fun, although the school looks like prison. Actually it does look like one, but if you go insight you will know that this is a cool school, after all. Like this: their cafeteria is enormous, and I like the fact that you can choose from a whole variety of foods, starting from Hamburgers up till Chinese food, with some milk tea.

If you guys follow me on my Instagram, you have probably seen these short videos, if you do not yet, follow me now. Anyway I give you the videos to watch them:

After the school we went with 2 friends to eat Korean. , which was kind of ok, but these girls LoOOVe Korean restaurants..

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