How the Past 2 Weeks Happened

Alright, alright.

I am back.

And I am going to have fun right now, writing down what had happened to me in the past 2 weeks, while I did not write.

So, let us get into the deep right away.

If someone out of the blue would ask me this: ‘How is Chinese?’, my answer would right away be: ‘BOOOOMIN’.’ Because it does. I am better and better in every shape you can imagine. The communication, the culture, the traditions, the studies, the fulfillment. I am great.

I have 3 more months or so, and then I have to leave this place, but I want to leave here and leave here something. Something more, you know. I want them, these people who know me to remember me. This is my why, this is why I work hard, learning Chinese. I am as well getting ready for the HSK 5 Level Exam.

But, this does not stop me from having a little fun. Just telling you, yesterday, I have visited a painter’s house, and saw his masterpieces. But what is more cooler, I think, is that I had a chance to do what I have been longing for in months, do calligraphy. It always appealed to me to do these kind of strangely beautiful characters.

But I have to say I started shitty, hahah. The man showed me how to do this , and wrote down my name , and a character, it was just amazing, how smooth does his hands slowly flow through the paper. The characters had this confidence, something in them, like you look at them and just say: ‘Oh yeees, this is how it has to look like!’ Now I could not yeat make it look like that. But hey, practice makes it perfect.

So the 2nd one is mine, that is my Chinese name by the way.

A little while ago, last weekend, we went out with my foreign guys, I mean a girl and a guy. Anyway, we went out and I brought up a topic about the bucket-list. But I wanted to talk about OUR bucket-list. So I said, hey we gotta head home in a short period of time, so why not create as much fun here, as we possibly can. That is how we created our Chinese Bucket-List.

Now we had some cool thoughts in mind, and we wrote those down write away, but what can we do, right now about this project?

We have seen this in some videos, so thought why the heck not to try it out?


Let us stop it right here, and come to back the other half next time! Hope you guys enjoyed.

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