Open-Cool Schoolday



In a school year, my school, 2-3 times does an open-day , called 开放日, where basically the school invites people to come and look what is going on in here. It is pretty cool, because a couple of reasons.

First, you can make friends easily. For me as a so-called ‘foreigner’, although i think of myself as a Chinese student, it is even easier to get on well with people in general. But second, and most importantly, the people who come here are satisfied with this school, so maybe they want to send their children to here to study!

Now let me take your hands to show my way of my school.

This school, 深圳外国语学校,or Shenzhen Foreign Language School, is one of the top 4 school throughout Shenzhen. (Shenzhen city has a population of about 11 million people.) From this school people graduate to some of the top schools in China and internationally. Pretty cool, huh?

The building from the outside actually looks awesome. I especially love the palm trees that it is decorated with. I am fond of just strolling around the places, it is the green, the nature that really engages me. Just love it.

Although today rained we still had some fun. I as well, invited my fellow exchange students form Germany, and the 4 of us had a good time in the nicest school in Shenzhen, SFLS.

While we walked around the place we realized, that although the school has many facilities, most of them somehow and mostly are connected to studying, or doing some leisure/ sport activities.


So I went with them to the music department, where students after class, come and go, to play the piano, guitar, Erhu, drums, or any other traditional Chinese instrument. I, because my piano studies had to be stopped after 4 years of learning, I got kicked out…, unfortunately was never yet been able to play the piano, nicely, but my future is still ahead of me and I want to learn it, because I think it is fantastic for a person to play themselves, to play what they feel. I think music is a higher level of communication.

Instead of playing piano, I played a little drum solo for my friends. I found out, but even if it is not true, one of the german students can play th guitar. She was so shy, she did not want to perform for us.


Back to this school, we have some really enthusiastic, passionate teachers. The give the lectures with this power, that shows that they are really into what they are doin

g, even the guy who doesn’t understand the lectures form the beginning, me, (these was on October/November) even he pays attention on every each class.

Then we have this cool place, of about 400 people can sit down here, it is actually a meeting room, but this as well provides space to the singing competitions. It is decorated with flags all over, but I only discovered my flag 1 time, which is pretty disappointing, but this room still remains cool. I think I will give a speech here, just somehow, I will manage it. Just like why not.


We have a football pitch, about a dozen of basketball courts, tennis courts, 10 plus Ping-Pong tables, some place to do volleyball, badminton, box, martial arts. Street Workout kind of thing as well, and of course a running course. Oh yea and today we even saw a little robot show.

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