Student Towards Teacher

I would like to make this into a kind of like series of the ‘Educational System in China.’ There are going to be a bunch of parts of this topic, because this plays a huge role in my Life in China. I as well would like to share some stories and personal opinion on some topics. So today’s topic is the Chinese Student’s Relationship Towards Teachers.

First of all let’s start with some of those things that are not so special anymore to me, but when I came it was just new.

First, I did not realize that it is not like this, in America or in Hungary, I actually only realized, this fact that it actually does work like this, when my grandma wrote to me on messenger that she read an article on Chinese Education. She told me that Chinese students respect towards their teachers are much more. And I was like, yea that’s is true, and what she said made me realize that I have never even tought about this 😄

How do they respect the teacher? Let’s look at this aspect in a lesson. First the teacher comes in, says: Class begins. Right away the 46 students stand up, and greets him or her with saying: Good Morning Teacher /Good Afternoon Teacher for the english, for other subjects say: 老师好lǎo shī hǎo  and then bowing to him, tilting their heads down, with this as well showing great respect.

While sitting during the lessons, most of the times it is total silence in the classroom, of course there are one or two moments where it just gets too noisy, when this happens a student, mostly who is responsible for helping the teacher with the specific subject shouts out: Be Quiet! 安静àn jīng。Then everything back to normal.

This helper as well, collecting the students homework, as well he is the one reminding the other students of the subject’s daily homework. Next to these he is the one handing out extra papers, extra information about the subjects. So he or she is a great help towards the teacher, and most of the times these students are the top students of each subject, so you can as well ask them for help.

Back to the class, either the teacher asks question from you, or you want to ask a question, you have to stand up, and then say the answer or whatever you want to ask. This is important that you show respect toward them with standing up. No matter the fact that most of our teachers are under 30, there a couple of them who are just a couple of years older than me, you still better sand up or there will be consequences.

After the class, teacher says class is over, same thing as happened before, you stand up and say good bye to the teacher. You as well thank the teacher that he gave his or her knowledge to you. It sounds like this: 谢谢老师,老师再见 (xìexie lǎoshī,lǎoshī zàijiàn).

So you see that respect plays an important role of this education system, and how students react towads their teacher,

I want to thank you for reading my blog.

See You next time. 🙂

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