The Chinese Language!


This week has been awesome as always.

We registered the 7 vs 7 football competition, and we already had a game. Which we have lost. 4-1, not bad, the other team was really good, and congratulate to them! Now at least the other matches have a little excitement, because if we lose again we are possibly out! That is about football.


In school, generally I am paying more and more attention on the classes. It is still hard to keep up with the speed of the Chinese teachers. Now, I can understand most of the things on Chemistry, Physics and Maths, although it is on a level as a university would teach it’s pupils. Well this is Chinese Education. Most of these are pretty cool, and I see day by day how myy Chinese is improving. I have plenty of friends, and I always find someone to talk to. With that said my speaking ability is pretty good, but the tones are not correct, unfortunately most of the times.

Even though I know the words in my head, and I still can remember them with the right tones, still I keep saying without them, there is like no intonation between. I would say that this is the most complex thing in learning Chinese or other asian languages. It is as well a bad habit. If I want to say something, I just say it, fast, so I do not really care about the the tones, and this is critical. So I have to keep paying attention to this!

The other thing I realized about this Chinese language is that even though I can read many of commonly used characters itself, I still do not understand the meaning of each word. Now, a character carry a meaning in it, and you can create pretty cool stories to it in order to easier remember each one. Just like saying, alright I put this stroke here because It looks like the bulls head, so it’s meaning is: cow. 牛🐂

Unfortnately only 1 character rarely makes up a word. It is usually more than that to a word, or an actual meaning.

So, what happens when you start learning Chinese is that you first start to get to know characters from everywhere. From advertisements, from books, from looking at an article in a store, form the bust stop. Or just simple as this: while buying a Hamburger in McDonald’s.

Now you can say the character aloud if you see it. This is the easiest part, to recognize characters. Well, here comes the harder part, because you possibly don’t have enough vocabulary ,yet, you will not understand it in any other context. It sucks! I know! I am at this point right now.

I widen my vocabulary every single day, still there are always times where I have to realize that I do not understand what is going on in the text.

There was a time I got asked by my Chinese teacher to read a text, and it was an ancient novel. I was reading and I read pretty awesome, I only did not know some of the characters. After a time she was amazed and asked me if I could tell the story with my word. I had no clue what I was reading. I tried to fake something, but while reading I was so focused to say the characters I could not get any meaning of the novel. I then realized that well Chinese is not an easy language.😄

Now after 7 months spent in China, I am seriously focusing to have a great range of useful words. Every single day I focus 2 classes just on this. Learning, using and applying new words into sentences, so that I could fully understand it seperately. Next to these tasks I am writing my diary almost every day, and reading books in Chinese. It is hard and really exhausting, but it does worth it. Get up at 6:10 every single day and basically have another full day of focused Chinese learning. It is as I always say, awesome, it bears it’s fruits! And it is sometime so fulfilling to say a new word and actually use it correctly in a sentence!


I love these days! I love to outwork everybody! And this got me obsessed with the project!

Note to self: My Chinese is booooming! Keep it up baby!

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