Tips to China Trip

Alright Travellers!

So I will reveal some insight that I got in the past about travelling in China. Actually, as some of you guys know, I stay here and learn the language so this 1 year is not just travelling for me. But, I happened to be in the situations that you will have to face if you travel in China.

Although I already know this language and culture it is just easy to get by, and to travel around, that is why, let’s jump back to the time I just arrived here, without any, or only a little knowledge of Chinese and noticing and understanding really little of what actually is happening to me and around 😄.

Now I will share some of these experiences with you. Let’s jump into it.

In the first 2 weeks a lot happened to me that seemed crazy and by now I got used to them. But since you possibly only come for this much of time, you will not have the chance to fully understand what is truly happening, but most importantly why.

I came here and about 2 hours of getting off the airplane I realized how important to say the words with their tones. I said to  the guy that I cannot talk Chinese, he surprisedly asked: why would I need to talk in Chinese anyway?! In the couple of minutes it turned out that I said Korean and not Chinese.. 🙈

Then on the next day, I asked 3 people, for about 5 times each, on the question: How to go to the metro. Noone knew… what I was saying 😁

I would reccomend taking 5-10 lessons on this, just on how to say these correctly. Downer I write some sentences with the tones so you could memorize, before you come here.


Do not assume that people above 25 will talk English or any other foreign language. Because Chinese huge cities, and China itself is at the point where it is developing and the speed of this is acceleration fastens day by day, most people were born into the age where Chinese, mandarin, or their dialects were enough to make a living. Now this is brutally changing in bigger cities. So seek for younger people if you want to ask or communicate something about anything. They are willing to help, and can help.

So this leads me to the next: get a translator app, I would say pleco is a great one. You got the characters, and the pin yin, on how to say those. 拼音 pīn yīn。

Learn minimal but useful Chinese phrases:

  1. How Much is It? 多少钱?duō shao qián?
  2. AH, That is too much! 太贵了tài guì le
  3. I don’t want it. 不要 bùyào
  4. Thank You. 谢谢 xìexie
  5. How to go to the metro. (learn it with good pronouncation :D) 怎么去地铁?zěn me qù dì tiě . 地铁在哪里?dì tǐe zài nǎli?
  6. Hello/ How are you? 你好/你好吗 nǐ hǎo/ nǐ hǎo ma?
  7. I want that one (then point on something) 我想有那个 wǒ xiàng yǒu nàge,那个 nà ge. is just enough as well 😄
  8. Girl, You are beautiful! 美女,你很漂亮哦!měi nǚ、nǐ hěn piào liang o!
  9. As for girls: You are handsome! 你很帅! nǐ hěn shuài!

As a foreigner you are special. In a smaller city (meaning: 10 million or less people) people will stare at you, and smile at you. But because of this special thing of yours, not so good people will notice you as well. So mostly on crowded places keep your money, jewelry or anything on a place that you can feel or see at every time.

Cities are huge in China, do not think that you can get by foot or bicycle anywhere. Get a metro map as soon as possible, and look up the places of interest. There is always a metro station near to them. On Public transport there are a bunch of people, sometimes, although you do not want to, you will just get off the metro, because these people start to exit, and you cant help yourself but to just shake out with them 😀
Or take a cab, night you will almost never find one with no passenger in it, so call one. But there is another good solution, which is more convenient and cheaper. Download WeChat App on your phone, and you can order your car just like Uber, but in Chinese one. But the awesome thing is that in this app there is everything: It is Facebook, Skype, Uber, Online Market, WeChat pay. Really everything, and you can pay with your phone everywhere, just amazing, convenient and clever.

Alright this was it for today,

I hope you got some useful information from my experience.

For more life stories and experiences.

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