Lala Land what it means to me

I just watched Lala Land titled movie, with the other exchange students. Mostly the story is about a guy who meets a girl. But what is fun about it that they start out as a power couple, what I mean is that they have their own dreams and want to achieve it! Both go through an amazing of self-development. At last they both get what they wanted but this is they went through their ups, but mostly they kept going in their downs as well.

The last days, I as well thought and created a lot to get closer to my dreams, and my goals. As well I am reading a book ‘Put Your Dreams to Test‘, from New York Times bestseller writer, John C. Maxwell. I recommend these two ( Lala Land and book) to people, who really want to achieve what they want in life, a must read and watch. 

What a coincidence actually that I am in the book where it says your dreams has a price. You gotta pay that price, and it is much bigger than you first thought it would be. And now I see it in the movie. There are two passionate people falling in love, paying the price, and struggling towards greatness. At a point they say whatever. But what is beautiful that they get back to it, and create their dream a reality! 

I am in that state of wanting that lifestyle, but I am paying the price right now. I am paying the price. I am paying the price. Work. Work. Work. 

I could just so relate to these people, I am really captured by their identities. By the story, by their emotions. It for sure got me the energy to keep going! Keep it up! 

I love you people! I want you to become the person that want you to be. Let us grow up together. Let me help you! Let us go and achieve what we want in life! This is one life, so please make sure you live it! 
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