A Day of Boni

So are you curious how one day really goes in my Chinese life? It is fun, fast and successful. Let’s see into it…

Last days, really tired, but really passionate! My days only seems like moments passing by. I get up, do my breakfast. Eat. Go out. Go to school. Read book. Next thing I realize that it is already time for lunch. After lunch I study 1 hour on my own. Which is like amazing, because I can get further in my studies, and can learn an extra word or write Chinese characters! 

We have 2 more classes to go. Then on the 8th Class I study again on my own. Or today with some girls. They are teaching me a lot of Chinese. As well as ancient idioms, awesome. So every single Tuesday from now on, I have private Chinese lessons. 👍🏼😄


By this time I am after 7 school lessons, 2 hours of study and about 40 minutes of reading Self-development book. Wow, what crazy days! Then I take a little rest, finally a good football, or something. Just do sports, you gotta run, and move forward, thats what you are here for Boni, that’s what you meant to be, to give inspirations to others. 

Go home and sitting on the bus, this time reading too, but Chinese books. I still do not know the meaning of a lots and lots of characters. But watch me getting there! 

Or sometimes just learning some extra vocabulary, that is useful too. This is already the 3rd hour that I am studying. 

Come home take a quick shower, and keep going. 1 more hour study from about 8-9 and then I have a moment for my self!

In the last hour my day is about this. Blogging, learning something new, thinking about and writing down new ideas. Instagram, have a little social, get that going too. Talking with people and having fun. 

I every single day as well try to sleep at 10, but you know I am a night guy… I mean my head, my brain is much more active at night.. So this 10 o’clock sleeping most of the time doesn’t exactly happens… 

But 6:08 next morning, getting up, and achieving more peaks of that mountain! 

Just keep climbing!

Now I am going to bed, so Good Night! 

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