What Soccer in Real Life is

I do not really know how to start this Blog…  
But I wanna write one anyway. 

Alright let’s just jump into it. 

Tomorrow I am going to play football. This little sport of a ball, couple of players and two goals become my passion in the past half year. Yesterday I scored 3 goals. I do not play because I am the best. No chance that I am, first of all, second I am not even that talented. ๐Ÿ˜„

But the thing is that I am just passionate about it, I love to go there on the pitch and kick some. I love to just run after this ball and just go with it. 

About football there are couple of things that come to my mind. First the best thing. 

What is awesome about football is that there is a goal! A goal

You don’t understand, right.

Alright I tell you what I mean. The goal is to kick a goal, huh, is not it?!

It is obvious. The only way to win in this game is to kick a goal (even it is a self one..) 

The goal could not be more clear. You have to get in front of the goalie and put the ball into the net. That is it. You go forward and if you are talented enough or lucky to get past the defenders you get it. But you focus on it for sure. 

Focus is on going towards and kick! 

Do you have a goal in life? The goal is obvious, right? You know what you want to achieve. But sometimes we keep losing of focus. Life just knocks on the door and gets you out of balance, if you are not focused enough. But you always have to remember your why! 

Why did you even want to achieve that specific goal? 

Why did you jump into it?

Why did you want to be the person that you want to be?

What is your WHY!

Keep it in mind, focus. And do not loose focus, like you would not do it in football either. ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ˜Š

The other thing that came into my mind is 5-6 years old myself, as playing football. I was not bad but not great. I did not have the talent for it. My dear father back home realized that, and he took me to another sport, karate, which indeed fit me well. And I could get nice results out of it. And I am telling you, it was not just because I worked hard. I was talented. 

I am telling you talent does matter. You can work your butt off, being passionate about what you do, and doing everything to be better, but still if you have no talent you cannot be the best. I am sorry to say that. 

But that is it. 

Just take an example of America Got Talent TV show (X-faktor is good too). People who get into the show, and whose performances can people at home watch on TV, are either the best ones OR the worst ones. These people are all passionate, and want to win. But they cannot sing. They want achieve that glory, but their talents and their goals are not in harmony. So talents does matter if you want to be great in something.

Without talent you still can be good, but not the best. And I believe one thing, everyone got talents. As they say it in the Bible. 

You have to put those talents into work. 

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. 

Tim Tebow

After the football final, I focus on my real talents even more so that I can be great! I will leave a little football, my dreams are much more important. 

And this Blog is going to my book, I will work on it a little more, but definitely a good starter. ๐Ÿ˜„ 

Keep up and Get it!! 

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