Trip to Foshan

Alright, so you guys know by now that I went to FoShan 佛山,and had an amazing trip, while meeting the family members of the big, extended family. Now I want to talk about my trip, because I actually did pretty much things there. 

Let’s start with 广州 Guangzhōu. 

广州 is the provincial capital of 广东省 Guangdōng sheng (province). It’s population is over 16,5 million people. [广东省 actually China’s most populated province. By the way, the language, dialect that people in 广东 use is pretty common. Everyone around, and above 25-30 can talk this dialect which is called 广东话 Guang dong hua. I actually want to learn this dialect, because I learned by now that talking in someone else’s language, also requires for yout to understand their cultures! 😄

广州 is a pretty cool, big place, as you can see. But in the winter vacation, and during the New Year celebration, like is Shenzhen, it is not as all crowded as it is said to be during the year. Look at some pictures and the memories we created. 

At 佛山 I had to visit a beautiful view, watching everyone climbing the little mountain, on it’s top sits a statue, of which indeed was a spectacular scene to look down. Just amazing to get up look down, and then look up, facing this beautiful man, Buddha. People here were stuffed, because in the new year it is a habit, to give the grate and thank that you have in your hearth. They pray to Buddha and thank him for what they have. 

After this breathtaking trip, either of climbing mountain or the amazing scenery, we went down and had dinner. 

I do not know if it is because it is the new year, or just I met with this for the first time, but we were eating the food that we cooked (in the restaurant) about 3-4 times. It is actually called hot-pot. I mean in the middle of the huge table there is a big pot with water on a stove. And you start to cook the food just put the vegetables, meat, everything into it, you do not really need to worry about it, sometimes you check on it, and about 10 minutes later you can eat it. The soup is amazingly tasty and everything else provides you a great meal for sure. It is a beloved special food in 广东省,strangely I have never met with it before. 

And what is more it is an amazing business idea as well. Now you only need people for chopping up the food and just a couple of waitress. 

The next day

I went to a museum and then to see some pagodas. It is quite like 天安门 in Beijing. Which is a must go place, so go travel people! I give you some photos. 

Then go to a beautiful place, a little lake in a valley, which’s sunset was beautiful! 

The other two days were mostly spend with my extended family, which I have written about on my  Previous Blog

Keep tuned!😊

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