Back again

Ok, I am back. I haven’t written in the past week or so. I am incredibly sorry for that. The thing is that right now I have found my dream, I have an awesome goal, so I keep going and growing in order to achieve it. So my goal is to do HSK 6 which means a C2 level of language exam. Brutal, it is just brutal, but I am on the right path!

Now let us see what has happened in this past 1-2 weeks. 

First of all I went back to school. I meet with my friends and we are laughing all the way. I am also happy that I made even more friends in school. And in the last 2 days I got enough sleep too. I am so delighted 😄

I started to write Chinese stories, I mean I started to write my diary, 日记 (rìjì)in Chinese. Just little stories, 10 sentences or so. But it really helps me, because now I actually apply what I have learned in separate characters. It is actually pretty hard to remember a character. It is like I am reading a book, ah so easy, some characters are just nothing, you just know it because you saw it 2 times. But not in writing. 
I thought it will be easy as reading is. But no. I had to realize that the characters that I have seen a thousand times, and even wrote it down 100 times or so, I forget them, or cannot give it back perfectly on paper…

But it is an amazing feeling when I actually can write it down. And it is a one way to spend a couple of minutes, half an hour on writing these stuff down. 

First of all the 日记 keeps the memories and it will be fun to read it back. Second of all, just by having fun or having a break between self-study, I actually practice my written Chinese. Awesome!

It is not perfect, not even in grammar, but I am having fun 😄

Today we won a football match in the school competition 比赛(bǐ sài)。Which means that we are in the final. It was a hard and exciting game between us. We won this time, and I think we earned it. Go for the first place!!!
I went out with my mother and her workmates to 大梅沙 (dà méi shā),the beach called here in Shenzhen, we had a long and exhausting walk on the beach, but it is beautiful. For this sight it was worth it. After we ate seafood at a really good restaurant. The cuisine was really tasty. We just loved it. 

Last weekend I went out with a friend of mine and her friend. We three of us went to My line friends. Which is a hype kind of thing here in China. It is like a teddy bear shop with cute little extras for phones, cases, clothing, fashion and also beer. So basically everything that you can imagine🙈

Alright that is it for today, now I will go and write my 日记. 😊 

Keep tuned. 😉

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