Fun, Learning and Reunion in Shanghai

It is my sister’s Birthday. I miss her a lot. she is awesome!👫

But today’s topic is Shanghai (上海,shàng hǎi).

First day in Shanghai, started off pretty cool, we got up at 6 am off to airport, while people in Shanghai are still sleeping, like my buddy Jannis. We meet with the other exchange students, they are awesome, each one of them has a different story to tell. Bad, good, worse and better, but everyone of the is happy, and I think found peace in here.

Lets get these started!

This day was training day (培训,péi xùn). We told stories, conclusions, solutions, what we learned from it. This was kind of like story time. Which I love, because if you know me, I am the person who just loves to tell stories. Although I talk a lot, this does not mean that I am a a bad listener. In fact, I love to listen, I think that when I only hear myself, if I am the only one who talks, I cannot learn anything, or just a little. But being a good listener makes me to be a good student. Makes me pay attention to others, so I can learn from people that has what I want, that has knowledge that I want to know! 

Like here is one, a girl said that she every single day writes down a question, what comes to her mind for the next 5 years. So then, looking back and rereading the words she could understand how her mindset, thinking changed, developed in the past 5 years. I think it is amazing, and I started to apply this. ☺️

Today was almost the same as yesterday. We had 培训。

In the night, I had learned that Shanghai metro is huge as well, it has 16 different lines. 

But Shenzhen metro is better actually, so much more developed, nicer, cleaner that this one. 

After it we went to the Bond, it is beautiful. I remember back the time when I was 10 and came here with my parents. Oh how beautiful! How amazing that I can be here 9 years from that point. 


Fourth day, fun day. We go on a little sightseeing(观光,guān guāng). We went to watch the WaterCity, also called the Venice of China(水城,shuī chéng). 

It is beautiful, we went on a gondola kind of thing, but it was really just like a boat, but it was still cool. In here we saw a typical Chinese garden. Oh, how splendid it is, ying and yang is found throughout the whole garden. It is just perfect, I want to have a garden like this in my backyard 哈哈hāhā, I mean it is possible, but I want to work hell lot to achieve it, and I am ready for it! 

We learned that on the left side sits the man, and other, important people. While on the left side the woman takes place. This makes it harmony. 


The time has come to say bye again. I hope that I meet you guys again, in another part of the world, and have fun, share stories, makes jokes and happiness together. 😘

We played cards for a short time then we headed to the airport. We made it amazing, everyone was excited, let’s go and rock China! 


Thank you! For reading this Blog!

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