2017.01.16I am excited. alright just get a bunch of information onto you. 

So I am excited because….

  • I go to Shanghai tomorrow.
  • Right now I am in the metro, listening to upbeat music.
  • I finished cutting my first ever video.
  • I am preparing for a presentation to say about my life in Shenzhen to other 20 exchange students.
  • I am seeking the moments, any chances that I could help others. 
  • I get things DONE.
  • I am about to go to a cultural exhibition today.
  • I am reading a book and it gives me knowledge and understanding of the world we are living.
  • I have about 10 more pages, which means that I can start a new book!
  • I learn Chinese, read Chinese, write calligraphy, and talk Chinese on an improved level.
  • I help, and inspire others, specially one right now, to have a better life by improving themselves.
  • I started to write my first book in Hungarian. But it is about time to start the Chinese as well 😉🙈
  • I got my life closer to God‘s. I am developing a stronger relationship with the power above, with Life itself, God. I am grateful for everything what I create in life, and I can give back to others!
  • I get in contact of people, daily, that are crazy, successful, good at something and fun.
  • I have the focus on the right thing.
  • I am writing blogs and notes daily to uploaded on my blog!

I am excited because I got it going with my life, I am growing, I have tasks to do, and I put every effort of mine into anything I start, means I finish!

2017, will not be the year that YOU will change, ONLY if you decide and dedicate YOURSELF to be the CHANGE

I believe in you! Go for it, You can get it!

Ps. You can watch the video in the next blog, a couple of days from now. 

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