The lost feeling~Hong Kong


6:54 freezing in cold…18C, waiting for uncle to bring me to metro station, where I could go and meet the other exchange students. 

Today is time for HongKong!

The new land, the island of Hong Kong.  

What fun it is to be here. We rarely went to the center and already in minus 40 HKD, approx. 5 Euro. The metro is old and expensive compared to my developed, quite new city, Shenzhen. 

But what an amazing day, starts with a little funning around in the place. 

We were cracking jokes, enjoyed our time. Came up with some crazy, weird things, to go into blog, also into our ‘Life in Shenzhen’ video! 
Although I live around the corner from the island, I have never ever visited this land of beauty. 

When going through HongKong, what you can see is that everywhere, literally everywhere new roads, new buildings are being built. It is awesome to see a city, that is so big, holds over 7.5 million people, developing 0-24。

But this is what I can see in Shenzhen, and I guess around China. They really got it going!👍🏼

Now, what you gotta understand that here, in Shenzhen people can go to Hong Kong anytime they wish to do so. But they only go about 3-4 times an average, and if they go, they mostly go just shopping. The things you can buy here are about 10-20% minus from the price. Cloths, shoes, international products’, these are the most wanted products from the place.

Now, we did not go there to shop. We went there to watch the city and to just get an understanding of how various life can be just 10 kilometers away. Every smell, every step we took in the city was different. No, maybe not different, but a buried feeling. A feeling that we had when we came Shenzhen, but got used to it and it was not special. 

I remember back when I first came here about 4 and a half months ago. How excited I was to just sit in the car, and watch, look out on the window, how amazing, how wonderful, huge and diverse city. Same feeling went through my bones.☺️

We visited a couple of places, but we only had a day, too short period of time to see everything. I think we could have seen even more, but still it was awesome. 
We went to HongKong island’s highest point.

And what is the best thing, is that we had sunshine, we just could not decide to wear a jumper or no. 😄

Just watch these pictures. 😘


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