Everything Starts Here, Let’s get it in 2017!

What a wonderful day today! I have goals, and most importantly I have the mindset of a winner. Because I am a winner. 

With the class we celebrated New Year.

 In China this is an important festival. Why? I will tell you in a minute, but what you have to understand is the school system. On which I will write a blog in the following week. 

Going to school for Chinese students is not so pleasureful thing. They have to study and study in order to be the best, to go to a good university. So New Year, means New resolutions, new goals, new me, right?! 

For most of the people yes, ‘I will start it now’, but after a week they stop doing the new good future habits, and just to back to their same life. I am sorry if it feels harsh to say it, but this is the truth. 

Here in China students are serious about this. Along with teachers, who believe that this new year, can give new power to study more to be even better. So they give a day for holiday, tomorrow. But as soon as this ends back on to studying! Because the mid-term exams are coming up a week from now, which greatly effects students chance to go and do their further studies in good universities. 

So they give students a day to rest, but not 100%, because they have to have lessons, or learn by themselves, to prepare for these huge test, which is really like a final exam (Érettségi) in Hungary. 

So you understand now why most Chinese students are hyped about this just like in Europe or any other place on the world. They can finally allowed to take a break from their studies and can go out with their friends for a day. I even met a girl who said it is good because she can finally, without any bad feeling, take a day off her diet and eat tasty, juicy pork meat. 😄 That’s cute.  

How I see it? Well yea, I love to party, I love to go out have fun. My hungarian me is telling me, just go Boni, party hard, play hard! But I adopted the Chinese mindset, that they push toward, go and go, I see my classmates just focusing on studies, staying in balance! 

This year, 2017, I am into it, I am achieving everything I want to. I will go take a rest, but not right now, before even jumping in the water. I push harder than I ever did. Not today is the time to create the bad habit of sleeping and just dreaming my dream, what I want to live! 

I live it, I feel it, I achieve it! 😄

Yes I am crazy

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