Well it is a Way to Celebrate Christmas


How I felt about it before: My day gets a little crazy, although It is still Christmas and I should be in peace and rest a little. My day gets crazily busy. Today I have the Christmas show in school so from 4 I am there until 10 pm. But first I go to meet my first host-family and have lunch with them 😊.

So I get there they are all so nice my little sister and mother waits for me, we smile, talk a lot, and had an incredible tasty lunch. 

We just talked, and I loved how we could talk this time. Freely, happily, like I would talk to my friends. Because indeed they are my friends. I especially loved my little host sister’s attitude.😊

She this day was exceptionally happy and playful.

Now she has holiday because of Hong Kong, where she goes to study, and they celebrate Christmas. Unlike her we, Shenzhen students, has to go to school, but I don’t mind it. I love going to school and expand my Chinese knowledge day-by-day. 

I had talked with them about our past 1 week or so, how is everything going. And I have to tell you everything is going outstandingly. I just rock and roll each and every day.

…like today.

After that, I rushed to school, to get ready for tonight’s show. I had to practice one or two more times, but I felt confident going on stage…. 

I mean I thought that I will feel confident. But the first minutes were awful 😄.

 My hands start to shake, my voice cracks, my tongue just slips.

I am afraid, I do not really know, I cannot remember why I am here anyway. Do I really want to do this?

 I ask, why all these happening?

 But, and here is the part that is important. After all these happened, I started to own the stage. I became more and more confident. After the third or forth performance, I get myself back again, I start to make jokes, and I just feel amazing being on stage. 

Now I guess you already figured it out what I had to do. 🙈

I was the host of this event, in front of about 1500-2000 students. 

Why I wanted to do that? It is to show myself that I can do this as well, to create high-peak memories. To enjoy life to the fullest. To get a little popularity. For others to show ‘see the hungarian boy can be new to something, but he does it anyway.’ To motivate them to go out on stage and concour what they want to have, and the person they want to become.

It has given me an incredible huge amount of experience. I am happier and even more filled with life day by day. 

Yes, today was awesome, I learned something new. 

Did I suck at the beginning? Yes, indeed. But I just kept going, I wanted the confident Boni, me, myself. 

The desire always have to be bigger than your fears of not achieving your goals. Give it a shot, and go, go, go. 

I have never been more focused. I win this!❤️

Now I ask you a question, when was the last time you tried something for the first time? 

If you wanna try yourself out, this might help! 😉

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