Christmas of China

Now let us talk a little about Christmas. While home I know everyone in the mood for the celebration and are awaiting for our Messiahs, Jesus to born. Here I did not unfortunately felt this at all. I only saw 1 christmas tree which was about 1 meter tall. 
But what I miss is Advent, the period where we get ready to reborn, get ready for another year ahead full of opportunities. For Jesus to come to life! 

I want to get to a church on Christmas day. 

I do not feel this Christmas spirit what we have in Europe. There are no Christmas trees all over the town, no special christmas lights. But I do not miss those things. I am living by the Chinese cultures by now. Chinese traditions, having a Chinese lifestyle. 

This is the 23rd of December. Christmas is coming… I only feel it from people that wrote to me yesterday that want to Skype with me. I love them! Although most of you are in another part of the world, thousands of kilometers away, you still love me and think about me! Thank you❤️

My school is hyped about this Christmas thing. We had festivals. And we have one more, the final one of Christmas coming up in Sunday, the 25th of December. Where there will be a Christmas show. But I do not tell you more than this. It is a secret yet. 

We had competitions like foreign language speech competition, where each contestants had to present 3 minutes on the topic, ‘Does school kills creativity?’

We saw some enthusiastic speeches which were awesome. Also we heard speeches in several languages, Spanish, English, Russian and Japanese.  

It is another preparation for Christmas, but I like this as well. I do not have any expectations for this holiday, because I know this will be and has to be a whole different than what I used to have in Hungary. I am looking forward to it. 

By the way, today I had a lunch with a pretty girl, and then went to one of the other exchange student’s school to get an insight of their festival. There were people who danced pretty well, as well as a girl whose voice was amazing, but I think that ours will be better. 😏 

About 3-4 days from now I will come back with another Blog about the last festival… So keep an eye on your e-mails. 

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