Focus back ON

This past 2 weeks has not been a miracle for me. Lots of things took my attention and focus away from the place I am going toward. FROM being better in Chinese, getting to know the culture and most importantly the person that I want to be in tomorrow. 

But I get back on track, and I Do Not Lose Focus again! Keep it going till the next checkpoint, to go even further! 

I think my Chinese got better just in this 3 days than in the previous 2-3 weeks. 

I am learning this language and culture NO MATTER WHAT! 

In this past half a week As well made lots of memories. 

Yesterday we went out with my foreign friend, Lea. We started to make little videos and pictures for our trip to Shanghai, because we gotta make a presentation of our lives here in Shenzhen! 

Now what else happened to me? 

I had my first day in school when I went to school alone from a totally different place, another district, from where I used to go. And today was the day the I first ate dinner at school. 在学校吃晚饭. Oh and we had an exciting football match. 1-1. Although I am a goalie I made some exciting yet scary moves. We almost lost because of this. But you know what? I love this 😄. 

It is about time for me to go travel, I miss that, missing getting to know new places. Saying this that I am only living in a new Country, city for 4 months. But the end of this month I am going to go to Hong-Kong (香港), and then to Shanghai (上海) at January. I cannot wait to go! 
I am also really outgoing and curious to try new foods here in Shenzhen as well. I spend everyday eating amazing things like seafood or noodles:面条,包子,辣条,海鲜。。。
Show you some pictures😄 

I am going to write a blog on school, and the education system and the school system here in China. Why are students here at the age of 10-12 has the same knowledge as a young adult (18-25) in Europe. That is interesting, right? 
Look forward to it and subscribe

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