Lived This Week

My hours, days, weeks and generally the time goes really fast by in Shenzhen. Although it is like this, I get a lots of things done in this short periods of time. I create high-peak moments, and I live the life that I am wanting to.

Let’s take this week for an example.

On Tuesday it was about to say my speech but unfortunatelly it was moved to the next day. Now it is good that it was, because at that day there was a food festival, where all students, each classes prepared meal, and sold it to other fellow students. All this funning around was awesome, I went around, met new people in my school, I hugged a guy, talked, beat-boxed, sold a little food and play football.

Wednesday, 9:30, my legs starting to shake as I am looking down on a couple of hundred students while they are doing morning excersice. I am afraid, but excited I have never done this before. In a couple of minutes I have to talk to 2500 people about my new club opening.

I have been doing this for 12 years, karate, now it is time to all the things that I have recieved in these years, all the knowledge that in my head and in my muscles, to come to life and give it back, to teach it to other people.

I did the English version of my speech, this was not the part that I feared. Now comes the harder part, which may be much shorter than the english, but they are chinese…

Everyone is cheering for you, they want to see how a foreigner learned the language in the past 3 months.. I remembered back my father say this, the day before.
With this in mind, I start. It went off, I got the audience happy, and they clapped, I was relieved and felt amazing, because They gave me such energy.

Now you have to LEAD!

First lesson today, afternoon. It was cool, I liked it, I was in the process, I was there, just focusing on one thing, passion, to give my passion to them.
I had about 10-12 people come to the first lesson, which is pretty awesome I guess, I made new friends, and people that are ready to recieve what I got.

My first poster try

Friday I had lunch with a newly met girl, who I taught on wednesday. We talked about lots of things, and I think I learned a lot just in that, roughly 50 minutes, about Chinese culture.

Now it is time to head out and eat lunch on this Saturday afternoon.
Hope you enjoyed it, See you next time.

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