Life Changes, but I Do Too

Today, this Saturday Morning, got me feeling good! I live for my goals, I cannot let life bring me down, I am climbing up! Step by step I can feel it, breathing more easily, breathing air in freely. Talking with people in fluent Chinese, I feel it! I imagine it, I LIVE it!

This week was awesome! I had several of good moments created. I played as a goalie after school, I wrote 9 exams, most of them were just chinese for me, except English, which I did pretty well I guess.

On Thursday I was told, that I have to give a speech to the school (~2500 Chinese students), about the opening of my Karate club, which is crazy cool, I am just so excited, they said that both, in English and in Chinese is Okay… but you know that I am not about turning down any challenge that comes into my way, so of course I give the speech in Chinese too. This is pretty crazy, right? Yes, it is! But I am really looking forward Tuesday morning 🙂 And I got one of my best buddies, one of the most talketive and funny guy I have ever known helping me in Chinese speech, I really thak from you here too!

On Friday I had a lot of going on in school, but because I had an open-day with the Programme and the other exchange students, I left school after lunch.

We went to One of the best, richest, and newest school in Shenzhen. It is HUGE, and it is right next to the beach, with only having to walk about 5 minutes to the sand.

There were an opportunity meeting, where people were shared about the Exchange Programme that they can attend too, and go to other countries to study, and learn the culture, as I am here. We had to make a brief Intro of ourselves in Chinese, which is not that big deal, because I have been doing this about 3 months already.


Then down to the beach.  It is amazingly beautiful, unfortuantelly I did not swim, I do not want to bring up any objections because the were not any. But still I had an amazing time!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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