Comfort Zone, Is It a Good Place?

asOut of fun, curiosity and of course because of who I am, I started to do a 30 day Comfort Zone Challenge. What I mean is NOT staying in the comfort zone for the next month. So we can call this a NonComfortZoneChallenge.

I go right, what is yours?
I think I have always been the kind of person who loves to experience new things, and I love the feeling of fearing of doing something, but do it anyway!
So in this mindset , yesterday I went out alone, although my friends were all busy , I wanted to do something fun. And I got it pretty cool! I went out went to my place 东门。 I bought a tee, and saw the great food it is offering, seeing a guy dance while being half naked and preparing food for the costumers, at moment got me back thinking about my challenge!

At the that moment started to walk to the metro, went two stations, because why not?! Got off, had a little walk. Was just smiling at people, saying a couple of hellos, but not really anything. Then I see a pretty girl, go up there say hello. She is like ‘did you follow me the whole time’ I am like no, just going the same way. ‘So are you going to 华强北?’ she asked

‘Yea, of course why not.’

In a couple of minutes I realized that I am already on the metro, and she is saying that she actually not going there but she goes to karaoke with her friends. So she wants me to come.

Now this is a little weird, but I said hey, let’s do it.


So I sang that day, turned out that I sing pretty good! 😌 And afterwards had a dinner with her and her friends.
I went to bed first day, that this could not have happened any better ☺️ I was proud of myself.

Day 2 

Today, not like yesterday, I had an appointment with a girl! But first as soon as I got up, the first question that came into my way was, that do I want to go to the park with the family. ‘Of course’, I responded happily.

In a matter of minutes we were driving to the destination, where me and my brother played basketball. I got pretty sweaty, but good thing that I at least brought a T-shirt with me to change. My brother is getting better and better in basketball, I was just watching how great he played. Sorry bro but I still beat you anyway 🙈.

Get into car, go to eat lunch! I just love this, can get full of it. Eat. Eat. Eat.

But after lunch I still had about 1 hour until the meeting, so what we do in the 21st century?! Pull out our phones and start to text or play some game (by the way I have no games on my phone for this reason) I looked up on WeChat, and what I see?!

Some of my friend (actually never met her yet, I found out later) just posted a picture, where she is exactly on the same place where I ate. How cool, I type her what’s up, I am here, you want to meet?

This is how I knew she was here… by the way this on the 4th floor in a shopping mall

So I had the next 1 hour, to spend with her and her friend, amazing ☺️, how this game of my (NCZC, NonComfortZoneChallenge) can create peak experiences in my life!
After this we met with the girl, and although she did not want to, we danced a little, I try hard, at least I could spin her around 😝

We went around the mall, found fridges, just opened them and had found some food. I found some wine, about which I was pretty happy, but buying the fridge, you still do not get the wine with it…. So I did not buy any fridge today unfortunatelly!

There was a store where they sold Laptops and I just went to one to try it out, I opened a video, and what I find, my home country , Budapest, Hungary, this beautiful little country of mine is on a video, in this City, Shenzhen, right on that Laptop that I was looking at!

As I am writing this i am really, really emotional, I am dropping some tears! I had to see this!

Szeretlek Magyarország!❤️❤️ (I love you, Hungary!❤️❤️)

How amazingly beautiful coincidence is this!

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