About School Life…

In this blog, what you are just about to read, you get little stories of my daily life in paradise, I mean for me, not for other students. These are short memories, which I have wrote daily, not one day, but little parts. Let’s start this

As I am going to school at 7 o’clock, I always know that I am about to experience something new this day too. Today I found out that, my school has about 10 chemistry labs, where students about every two weeks have lessons and try out fun things. We spent our biology class there and we observed bachterias and viruses, or any small things that are on your body or inside chemicals. One guy, cut his finger in order to give us some material, blood for our further studies!

The daily morning excercise!

There it is, almost holiday in China! Today is Thursday and I got excited about the upcoming holiday, although I do not go to Beijing, I am really looking forward a little sleep! But this is mostly not what I am waiting for, I think I will ask my host parents to go to HongKong!

This day the school had a singing competition for 40 classes! I had sang as well but mostly, I didn’t know what I was singing, just tried to figure out what I am supposed to say 😄

Each of the classes had to prepare a song which they sing on the competition, and next to it a little play, so they get points on it.

We actually did a nice job! Got 3rd place 🙂
Tomorrow, Friday, as it is the last Friday in the month I have an open day in school, and the other fellow students as well who are here on an exchange year, so we are going to Shenzhen oil painting village! I do not know what this is yet, I will look it up when I get home, but I am excited for sure ❤️

It was awesome to see artists creating piece of art in couple of moments!


I cannot understand this, I know Chinese Football is well not the best, but I am not this good at Football to sponsor me right away, and either in playing basketball. The past few days I have been playing football after classes, and I pretty much enjoyed it, I have done some great saves and nice passes. So they were like that is cool, you want to play in the school football team, I am thinking why not, BUT I also want to try out some other things, such as cooking or Chinese Kung-Fu, in which I already got some private lessons from my teacher.

I am slowly beginning to adopt Shenzhen school life! I am about to launch my own karate club! And some other clubs has discovered my talent, like in BeatBox.

Today was a day, for clubs, lots and lots of different teams, showed what they do, and what will you do if you get into a club like this. I wanted to go to Ping-Pong club, because I got a little good in that while playing in school with my friend, Barnabas! But what is good back in Hungary, here is nothing, it is not enough! But I only found this out today, when I went to the table and wanted to play a little, the first girl, aged about 15, who came up to play with me, beat me 11-5! I played a little more and then left, saying only one thing ‘ok, I am not Chinese’!

But this moment I know that I am at the right place to learn how to really play this sport.

Then after this, I went to some other places, played the drum, and ate some weird things! Some other people was drawing characters, or dancing, where others played instrument and others went to do Kungfu!

While doing this I also made friends with couple of boys and girls… mostly the second!


Thank you for taking your time to read this Blog!

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