Stories teach you!

I actually wanted to change some stuff in my writing, but I wrote this down for the first time, right after these happened, and I think this is how I get the value and I hope you get value from this story! For me this was a mind changer, and I learned a lot from today.

I experienced this for the first time too. I had a little fight with my host mother. Maybe I was wrong, I do not want to defend myself. But I want to get this clear, for me and for you guys too, because I think writing this down is important, to give me a clear mindset and next time for this not to happen!

So yesterday as we were having dinner after a long, exhausting day, which ended with 2 hours of playing basketball, I asked what do we do tomorrow and on the weekend. They responded that tomorrow we do nothing but we got to go to Grandmother’s house on Sunday, and I will get a proper haircut in the near of their house, because my hair got a little too long in the past few weeks. So I right away assumed, that if we do not do anything tomorrow I can go out and have a little fun. I may forgot to tell this to my mom that I want to go out if we do not do a thing.

As I woke up today, learned some characters read book and waited for lunch, because right after that I wanted to go out.

Had my lunch, and got ready to go out, open the door said that I went out, and closed it, picking up my shoes, my brother rushes to me that mother wants to talk to me… Ok. Well it wasn’t really talking. I have to say if I want to go out, and I am not only one person in the family, and that why do I go out, when we are going to 外婆家 today. And did I say I want to go out today anyway?’

Yea, well no, but I thought if we do nothing then that is an Of Course I go out! So we didn’t really agree on this point that I want to go out, she got mad on me of that, and I stood their not knowing what to do, I said alright I do not go out then, but right after this, she just said alright whatever go out. Just go.

I went out, but what I learned today, that communication is really really important when you are in new situations, you may find it hard, because you have other habits, and at home you have done it a different way. But communicate! COMMUNICATE!

I just found out half an hour later that my mother’s uncle died this morning because of a hearth disease. Now see this is life, you plan, you do, and something can happen which is out of you control, I cried a little because I love this person, and it is hard for me to see someone who I like being unhappy! I feel bad that I am out here right now.

What is strange, that I saw a guy, playing mouth-harmonica, sitting, begging for money, I wanted to give him a little but I just passed by, after I got the message that this happened I wanted to rush back and give this guy, 20 yuan or 40 who cares, maybe it is not just his fault that he is sitting there… Unfortunately the guy wasn’t anymore there.
Always do what you want to do at that same moment when you think about it, and if you love someone, make them always happy and help people, this is what I learned today!

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