My first vacation in a year of vacation

I am sitting on the sofa, thinking about the past 3 days that went by like an eyeblick, having some great memories that I would like to share with you 🙂
祝你中秋节快乐!I wish you a nice Mid-autumn festival.

I had celebrated this special day, mid-autumn festival with my family.

At the beginning of the day we went to grandmother’s house. I like this place, calm, with bunch of trees, little animals which are pretty rare to find in a huge city like this, and it isn’t noisy at all. What I noticed first When I visited my grandmother for the first time, that they had 4 little cute tortoise in a basket, and week by week I was watching them how cute they are. Back in the days, like 5 years ago I had turtles like these, so I had a pretty deep connection with them I should say 😊

But this time I only saw 2, as I was wondering where could the other 2 go, I asked my mother what she knows about it.

She looked at me in the eyes, they are dead.

You are just kidding right? I ask.

They went to the soup…

What is weird that, I kind of liked the soup, even-tough I liked those little animals…
In 外婆家, in my Grandma’s house as I told there are all kind of trees, there is grapefruit and lemon, which are getting to get ready for eating, so we had to help getting some of the fruit down, it was a pretty hard job, because the lemon tree has spikes on it’s branches, me not knowing this, just wanted to climb the tree… But it was fun anyway, I had an awesome time, and my hard work paid off, so I drank a lemon tee.

In the evening, we have celebrated Mid-Autumn festival with my Chinese family, we went up to the 4th floor, had some snacks, fruits, and of course we were eating mooncake while looking at the wonderful moon!

The other two days were just rushing, eating and me getting a cold, which is pretty bad, and I just cannot understand how could I get it, while the weather here during daylight never was under 28 degrees Celsius! Seriously how funny is that, that I never get a cold just in China in a summer temperature.
Whatever, I want to go to school anyway on Sunday, because that’s how I roll! And of course, school at Sunday, why not! I will be at least learning something, and words, I want to learn more and more, I just writing them characters day by day, and you know what is funny, that like this it isn’t hard at all, I don’t even think that I am studying, I just draw the characters, nicely and neatly! Sometimes I even forget what am I doing, while concentrating on the order of the lines and the beautifulness of one character! Amazing 🙈
Alright, I think I will just jump back to drawing, hope to see you other time on this blog!
If you enjoyed, want more, here is the one story that I had the most fun with, read it!

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