I am pumped up!

Alright I said that I wanted to hug someone, and the first person that is willing to hug me I just hold on to them, remember?

(If not here you can read my last blog: https://letsrockchina.com/2016/09/10/official-1-month-anniversary/ )

Well, I didn’t think the first person wants to hug me will be a teacher, but what I promise I do! He just came ‘Hey BONIII’ holding his arms wide open, ‘oh mate here I come’ I was thinking, hah, I heard Chinese people arent’s so open to contact… not that true.


Tomorrow we are celebrating mid-autumn festival, but today it was special, I met with who, what do you think? I had to meet the principal, now I have already met the principal of the school, but this time I meet the head master of schools like mine all over Shenzhen. This is a big deal, so he is the principal and leader of couple hundred maybe thousand of teachers. Down to Earth, nice man. Right away as we met, I got this feeling of comfort, he was kind and helped me. I got a little gift from him to celebrate mid-autumn festival, actually a pretty big one, I got about 3 kilos of mooncake, which is the cake they eat while celebrating, wow. I just love being here.



In the school there are several clubs starting next week, I will have write more about these throughout the days I go to them, but Right Now i have to share a little SECRET.

I am starting my own club, karate club, awesome isn’t it. But be careful, because noone knows this yet, and I think students when find it out will be a little surprised, because I do not think that students who have studied here ever started a club. I am really really really excited for this one, another level, going up, climbing on the ladder of success.


What else happened to me today? I got my study visa, which means, from now on, I can go in and out of China I am soo pumped up of this fact, I want to get to know this beautiful world we live in, and of course look forward to me in Hong-Kong!
Today, coming home from the true city of Shenzhen I experienced that people are everywhere, really everywhere, you know how minitus it is to get into the place where you can go to the metro, about 5 minutes waiting and a 300-400 meters of line , people just waiting for their bags checked, that they do not bring in something explosive, brutal!


Right now I am home, and my brain is just partying around the characters I have been learning these days, I enjoy writing the so much, altough ones are really tricky 😀

Thank you for reading this blog! 🙂




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