Last Weekend Rocked

Friday, because it was still summer, and didn’t have to go to school, I went to a market. I do not know why but I like these kind of places, maybe the rush that gets me, and this time was no different, just the normal youu know.. I danced with people, and looked around the place, the only thing what I bought was 2 kinds of Dragon Fruits, after tasting heaven I say I prefer the pink one, it tastes so fresh and juicy, and of course it looks Fancy 😀

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Then for lunch I ate on the street for 15 yuan, 2 euros. Then off to Shenzhen University, I did a little tour with couple of friends of mine, who are exchange students as well.

The university’s campus is enormous. It has it’s own futball stadium, about 10-12 basketball courts, swimming pool, and many other great places for in- and outdoor activities. It is like you would be coming here to vacation, not to study :D. There are parks with palm tress, I mean it is amazing. I would love to vacation here for a longer time, I don’t even mind if I need to study a little, next to it, I might take this into consideration to learn here on university!  From the university, unfortunatelly couldn’t see much, because the school year didn’t started yet.


Saturday I got up at 9, had an amazing night, slept good. The first thing I know is that I have to eat breakfast fast. I like that anyway, why not, let’s go get some breakfast, but I came to a point where I just needed to write blog.. I felt bad that in the past few days I didn’t come far with writing my blog, but it turns out that we had to go right away to Coco’s, my meimei de , and a couple of her friends exhibition in an unimaginable big park, where you can see strangers doing from Tai Chi through eating, to climbing on trees. Exhibition was cool, little kids ranged from 4 to 10 painted and created some amazingly creative ARTs.

Boni 1-2 he Kina 011.JPG

In the rush already, going to another place, but I notice one thing, next to the building where the exhibition was, there are some grandmas of the age of 60 doing Tai Chi, This is my chance I thought, I just slipped between them and started to do it. I could have looked pretty wierd because from the point I got in between them and started doing those slow, but pretty painful handmovements, in a matter of minutes we had like 20-30 viewers, just standing there, jaws dropped, watching. I couldn’t really notice them, since I was in the process, focusod on anything but who watches, just after I finished my 10 minutes session. I realized that this is actually a hard sport, although it looks like it isn’t excercising at all. At the same time, it is calm, and you have that peace, to think, to get into the process as I was into that, on the other hand it is too slow for me, I like speed, fast i…s what I need but when I need to relax am sure to do this, so watch out for me anybody that is doing Tai Chi!


Then off to a Shopping mall, eat in a restaurant. I had to face the fact, that to a good restaurant at 11:11 you don’t just get in, 49 minutes before noon people are waiting just to get into the restaurant. How crazy is that people?! They get a number, and a menu, so as soon as they get in, and take a seat, they can order right away. Suprisingly although youhave to wait to sit down, the food comes relatively fast, and even in a nice restaurant with the eyes of an european boy, thinking of european prices, you can get full, actually pretty cheap, 5 people about 35 Euros, and this was a pretty high class restaurant.

Boni 1-2 he Kina 026

Shopping malls have usually a hockey ring on the 3rd floor, unimaginable in hungary, for someone to go skating in a shopping mall, how cool is that! And, for childrens other kind of activities, like childrens playground, or a little adventure park, in the mall. Addition, it has a little coin taking maschines, you know what I mean, I am sorry I don’t know the name for it, but when you put coins in, can play with some things and then you get tickets based on how good you were. You get it.

Than we came home, rested a little, and off to see the movies, me, my brother and a beautiful girl… who is actually my cousin, so poor Boni, not gets what he wants this time…. The film was great, it was in english, with chinese subtitle. So I understood everything of the movie :D, I finally had this feeling too, to understand something for more than 1,5 hours! But I love not to understand something, because that how I learn more and more, especially cool that everything that you want to watch in TV, any kind of shows, series or even commercials has subtitle, so even though I don’t understand a thing of what they are saying, ok some words, but which ones I do, I notice the characters and learn to recognize it as well, which is pretty great stuff for me as a chinese beginner.

Sunday comes!

At the beginning of the day, I got up with a great mood, everyone int he family was happy and cheerful and awaiting for going into the day. First of all we went to RoboMasters, which was a big cometogether for people that love robots, and robotfights, Although I don’t really know anything about robots I was excited and wanted to see how is this Robot fight will be going. So we went, during the couple of hours we met with 6 teams of university students, who has created their own robots! Guess what, people would say that is only because of home team, home play, but the students of Shenzhen University won, so everyone went crazy!

As soon as this was over, we went to eat to GreenTea restaurant, where the food is amazing, and it is so bad that I got full too soon. I just feel like I couldn’t do enough in order to eat everything. SHAME on me. I didn’t tell you before, because it just came to my mind that here you cannot or rarely eat alone, so there is almost no choice that you pick a whole meal for 1 person, such as wienerschintzel mit pomes, no. Most chinese people, when going to a restaurant, they are going in groups (6-7), a family, so they order 8-10 different kinds of food, and everyone eats from everything from the plates. So thats why I am telling you try everything and about as soon as you did that you will almost get full, so when you finally find out which of the foods are the best, and you want to eat from that you cannot make that really happen 😀 soo sad .

Additional Information when you go to a nice restaurant you always wash the dishes and the chopsticks before you start to eat, unless yoou want people to look at you and think you are crazy… That’s what happened to me. First day, in Shenzhen, arrived at the airport, and went to a restaurant, to welcome me :). We got the tea, little cup, dish, chopsticks, my father poured me some tea, XieXie! As I am getting ready almost taking the first sip of my drink, they asked me what I was doing, I by the way even forgot what I was doing, just looked at them, they cleaned their dishes with the tea, aha so that is how it is done.

Just some hints for you if you want to come to China!

So back to my Sunday, after the restaurant, we went to a bookshop which is a coffee house at the same time. People go in, take a book from the shelves and go buy a coffee, sit down for an hour, reading and just drinking their coffee, attractive isn’t it!    I would be glad if I could read in Chinese right now, I want to just sit down, and read while taking little sips of my Capucchino.

It may be a little step for humanity, but major step for me… I bought my first Chinese book, actually 2 of them.

Boni 1-2 he Kina 091

As I see it, it has much more value for me than the price I payed for it, 80 yuan.. about 11 Euros for 2 books. I can get a lot of value of this book. First of all, I have to read it in chinese, which will be a challenge, but I think 1 hour for a page can be enough.

Update: tried it, wasn’t that fast, so about 1,5 hours a page 😀

I learn the characters, the meaning, and also the pinyin, so I know how to say it the word. The second reason is that this a book that I wanted to read, my father read it and told me that it is a must for entrepeneurs, and I love self-development books, which helps me to get better and better day by day, because I want to be the best version of myself, maybe this is why I am doing my little trip to China. So the book called from 0 to 1, and most of you may know or has a little memory of the author.

I soon begin to read the books, or to translate word by word, so I am going! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog of mine!

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