How to school cool

So it turned out that I do go to school September the first, just different ways than the other school students do. I got up at 9:25, the official school already began by 2,5 ours when I was washing my teeth. I would not have gotten up this early if my mother don’t come in rushing, that we must go to school NOW! 

Yesterday I got told that I actually do not need to go in school and cannot, because they messed up, so I am not in any class yet, and I cannot even go into the school so do not even try to do that. I was sad about this…, for the past 3 weeks I was awaiting for school to start,crazy right, but I knew this was the easiest way to make friends and to learn the language faster. So when I heard I have about 1 more week, I was sad and happy at the same time, I mean who wouldn’t want to have 1 more week of summer?! I am right now 10:00 sitting in the car, heading to my school which is in the top 3 high-schools in Shenzhen. I will write more about how my first day (half day) was in school ☺️

My beatbox career is starting to lift, I see myself on stage few years from now… Just with not beatboxing… Surely it cannot be that good, today, I had to do it 3 times to 3 different groups, first I shared this tongue ability of mine to some of my teachers, as we went to the building. I met with couple of teachers and the school headmasters, they gave us a warm welcome, and telling me that it is a pleasure to have me in their school, I was thinking it was a pleasure for me that I could come into school at September the first, although I said there were some problems, but it turned out well. 

Me in the middle, with couple of my teachers

I had to do a brief introduction of myself and Xiōngyálì 匈牙利,Hungary, so I did that in Chinese, I already had a couple of sentences ready to do that, I was glad to do it, they said I have a kind of nice pronunciation, I kind of liked this feeling of being there. I met my head teacher who was so nice, he helped me all the day, just for notice he is an english teacher by the way, which is finally so helpful to have someone that can communicate with me and help this student in Chinese life!

After this nice little welcome, I had to go to first class from 11:00-12:00, only there I found out that for the students it is their 5th class 😀 It was English, no problem here, got already some people who I can call friends, they are pretty nice and helping me, then a 2 hour lunch break comes, it is pretty hard to give food to more than 2000 people in this time period. We finished lunch about 13:00 so we went to the dormitory, and I got a bed where I can sleep throughout the lunch break if I wanted to :p 

In that period I got a little insight of my friends or dormitory students life and got to know a little more the school campus, which is also colorful, it has its own parks, football pitches, basketball courts, badminton courts, you got it that I say them in plural, a little river is even included with the campus 😀

At 2 o’clock my last 2 lessons starts, today it was Chemistry and Biology, all I can say that I understood nothing but we have 2 nice women teaching us these 2 subjects. Then at 4 we have to do our homework until 16:30 because only then you can leave class. I had no homework, or I may had but I didn’t understand what, so I was happy and learned some Chinese words meanwhile the other students’ heads above their papers writing the answers to all the questions. 

At 5 I headed home, played 2 hours of basketball and now I am resting, and writing these for you😄.

I can say that this day went quickly as all the other and it was much fun!

Thank you China!!

Sorry I couldn’t update the post sooner, so I tell you about my next day in school!
I just found out that my school is THE best one in Shenzhen, just to give you numbers, it has 20 classes each years of study, with 40 students in a class, what? I didn’t even believe, I am in my 16th class in the year so it must be at least 16 🙈. 

2nd day of school, got up 6 AM, had to meet the school bus at 6:45 to go to school, so I went to the bus stop to come 3 stations which is maximum about 1,5 kilometers. The bus doesn’t come, I mean why would it, so I waited 10 minutes until 6:40 and went with the taxi, if we have waited 2 more minutes the bus would have come. So we were there at 6:43, from then we waited 12 more minutes for the bus to come:D

We were little worried.

But let’s start the second school day🙈

Done it, it was pretty cool, I made new friends, and girls love me, I only been with 15-16 years old students, because I got into senior one, which means 10th grade in Hungary, I should have gone to Senior 3 but it is cool, I like them, tomorrow I may go to the city with one of my friends, and go to 书城,book city as I already told you about. I want to buy some Chinese learning books, mostly I want to focus on the writing method of the characters, because it has, it matters the order you put the lines, which makes the character, and there are pretty difficult ones, right now I can recognize around 150 characters, and can say the pronunciation as well. I guess I am ok, but this isn’t nearly enough to read a book or any sentence 😂

So tomorrow I buy some books to improve me on every level, and as well as writing, reading and pronunciation!

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