FOOD, what you cannot live without

I was thinking about a long time, to do or not to do this post, just about Food. But I decided to do, because food has a great part in our living, and I will give the respect that it deserves! I know I am an honorable person because of this. And if you are more like me a visionable person, you will be glad because you will see some great and delicious food that will make you hungry, so I would recommend, having some snacks next to you 😛

Boni 1-2 he Kina 101.JPG

So how should I start this, Chinese meal, is delicious, while still being pretty wierd and spicy. In my past 2 weeks i tried so many kinds, but i know that there are so many more ‘Food Species’ that are awaiting for me to take them into my mouth.

After 2 and a half weeks I got to the point, where on the 3 main meals I only once eat myself, meaning, Out of 3 times of eating, my T-shirt will get dirty, thooose ChopSticks 😀 I think I made an improvement in that, and the great thing they help me, so if they see i struggle to eat the chicken wing with a chopsticks i just get a plastic glove to eat with hands…

Boni 1-2 he Kina 334.JPG
Like the Pizza

I heard from one of my friends, who is staying here in China as well, that in her first 2 weeks she tried brain, how crazy is that people! I cannot miss that! She cannot be more wierd than me… I guess I took the challenge. Also she ate duck feet, which is normal here,but she ate stomach, and tongue. OK, i cannot leave this like this, I will beat her.

Boni 1-2 he Kina 171Boni 1-2 he Kina 380

About the prices Maximum out of 10 Euro you eat as much as you cannot. But on the street you can get full about 2 euro.

I also tried roasted insects, wao, just wao, i think it is AWESOME. It costs some money, but worth trying once. Some people will hate me for this, and stop the reading right now- I also want to try dog, so i am looking forward a nice things i guess, but i only live once they told me, so better try everything i can.

And what I like more in Shenzhen that it is not just the meals that are great, but the fruits are delicious, juicy, colorful, sweet, sour, everything you can imagine.

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