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Wassup world
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Im here, China, August 2016 the 10th, yep, 11 months, thats right. But wait lets make friends, and we will find it out, how fast it goes. Today is the 14th of August, this past 4 days felt like a month. Not in length but in activity. Everything happened to me so fast! I met the other students who came here, it’s 25 of us, s
o it’s cool. I met so many great people, I made pretty nice friendships from the camp. We did the YFU olympics, We won in that 😀  Than other day, i beatboxed, i think i am getting somewhere with that too. Just beatboxing around i met MC JOHN, actually we called
him like that but he is an MC anyway. He is soo fun chinese guy, you know, the person that makes you laugh and happy, just being next to him, that positive energy that comes from him. I am sure you know somebody like this. So he rapped, i beatboxed 😀
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It was so much fun, and i think we made a pretty nice band, with two dancing girls from Turkey and Germany.
Next thing, a day ago from Beijing I got to Shenzhen, thats right the place that is know from the electronics that they create and export from China! I got to know my host family, they are pretty fun, I have a 13 years old Bro and a 8 year old meimei. We eat food like crazy, i love it, maan it’s awesome, don’t try chinese food out of China because if you come here you will be shocked how shitty is the ’chinese food’ which isnt in China. OH, its been only a day but i bought my Shenzhen number, so if you are here, just call me boy/lady ;).
Its pretty hot and at the same time wet. When i was in Beijing, for 2 days nothing, dry, hot, like crazy, you could almost die.
And than, BUMMM raining out of nowhere, like crazzzy… I danced in the rain of course.
What I am going to tell you, was first imaginable for me as a hungarian, I drink 2 liters of hot tee everyday. Since the tap water is not drinkable, you either drink hot water or tee, or wait like 5 hours till the hot water gets cold, and then you can drink that… but it doesn’t taste near as good as tap water, so I think that I stick to drinking tee.

Alright see ya some other day.

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