Sun, 华强北, and other wierd things

I experienced some stuff in the past few day.

Boni 1-2 he Kina 259
Here you go a picture of me for no reason. 🙂
First, the sun came out… people still use their umbrellas.. but this time not because of the rain, but because of the sun.Whaaat?! They don’t want to have a nice brownish skincolor? I it is so wierd for me, but actually i tried it and now I get the thing why they are doing this, and I fit in finally 😀

Boni 1-2 he Kina 003.JPG
Ok, no umbrella, but I totally look awesome, and this is another way to fit in.
Other thing, i went to Huaquangbei, pretty big, crowded, but can buy soo many stuffs there, everything which has to do just a little with electronics, you can find it here for sure. Sad thing is that, i got lost again, so i only could enjoy the place for an hour, so i might go back there another time. Cheap, not the best quality, but it is just fun if you have like 100 Euro that you don’t know what to do with.

Give you an insight, Camera, looks just like GoPro taking a 4k video with wifi included, next to it you get a waterproof case plus a stick….Guess how much!

220 yuan… 30 Euro,wait what.

Yes 30 Euro.

A meal costs something like that in europe. I am pretty shocked, who buys that for quality.

But man, I want to go back so bad, i just asked about prices, because i didn’t have the porpose to buy anything. But there are some cool stands there, I mean filled with stuff that may worth buying for that much.

As I am going through Huaquangbei, and as I am seeing all the nice stuff I can buy, I am thinking back home abouth the people that would LOOVE kind of stuff like these.

My father, especially one of the biggest fans (I know) of flashlights, any kindhat, so I saw like hundreds of species of flashlights, how a great gift would that be for him. I might buy you one Apa, if you are reading this, write me on WeChat, how you liked the idea!  😉

Boni 1-2 he Kina 304.JPG
And this is only one corner shop…

Than there is a butik, just with lighters, think back home to one of my friends, how he loves his old Zippo. And I actually think these Zippos weren’t fake, they are around 250 yuans, so I might get one for him, when I am going home.

So what else, it was wierd for me for the first time too but now is the point that I write it down. I come from Budapest, it is just a city right here… compared to Shenzhen which is bigger in opulation than the whole country of mine. Public transportation is pretty HUGE. I stand in a bus stop and until i wait for my bus (5 minues) about 20-25 buses comes and goes. ​

The subway system is even better. It is like you would be on an airport, checking your bags just like customs. Oh and some of the metro stations around every fourth one just opens into a shopping mall. I mean how big idea is this, the concurence is big of course, but nice point to China on this one. By the way the subway system is on 2 floors. 10 meters from the -1st floor and there is the -2nd floor where other subway goes. You got it I hope, but i will put a picture here for you guys.

Boni 1-2 he Kina 408.JPG
Where I took the picture, is on the -1 floor, where the subway goes…. I am going down to the -2 floor

There is no montly ticket, which you buy and go whereever you want and still pay t071he same money… Nope, no blitzing, you cannot do that either, the only way for you to get on a bus or ont he metro is to buy a Shenzhen Tong which is a little card you have to put money on and than you can travel….. I am 18, and above this age, you are said to be an adult, and not a xue sheng (student), which means you have to pay the whole price, but I still travel half price, it is almost like blitzing, but i don’t think that…. 😛

Boni 1-2 he Kina 369

Furthermore when you drive here in china, you will see a lot of people just horning on each other, and it isn’t because they got a problem with what the other did, it’s just the way it is, and who owns a motorcycle can do anything, not caring about a thing, just goes forward, I think it is some rule that they don’t have to stop anywhere, or can go on anything, when they got a red light, still go through the intersection, so I guess no rules for motorcycles.


Now I have to get going, I am meeting 2 Chinese girls, who I hope will help me to improve my chinese. Talk to you later.

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