Boni 1-2 he Kina 273.JPG

I know what you think, you could have chosen a better picture than that Boni 😀 But i know that too, that after seeing this picture I made you curious, and you wonder ‘what could come after this’!

So lets get into the story

WOA, chinese, pretty hard. The thing is that most people here dont speak any english… they try. Which makes the process even harder, they think they say the right thing, but actually they wanted to say a whole different. So i guess, i gotta learn chinese fast, for me and for them :D.Boni 1-2 he Kina 084.JPG

I gave myself 2 months to learn Chinese, i know it is fast, but you know what, i dont give a shit. I will be the best, and 2 months from now, i will talk pretty good and precisely. I WANT TO UNDERSTAND THEM. My goal is to talk like a 6 year old, to understand most of the things, and can respond to most of the things.

I feel like I was born again.. I am a child, and I am learning my motherlanguage… This year of me becoming from Zero to Hero, as one of my mentor would say. From not speaking the language to get to a level in 9-10 months, where i can actually make any kind of conversation with anyone in Chinese. It is kind of like walking my past 18 years again just in bigger steps, faster. What i already have, they cannot take it away from me, so it makes the process even easier. I think i will have no problem with this at all.

So this is it.

Today i was at Window of the World. It is pretty nice, they show everything what you have got around the world.

Boni 1-2 he Kina 239
It even looks cool in bad weather
The beauties just in little copied ones, like the little Eiffel-tower, or the statue of David, but it kind a big deal here, and it look pretty awesome, like you would be in a fairy tale 😛

Tomorrow i will go to a market to buy some tiny things for a couple of yuans and i try to make a bargain. Let’s test my chinese!



Here I am again, as i am in half an hour going into the city. Its 10:10. I am living just next to Hong Kong. But here is a river, and I need 2 or more entries  to China, unless I want to stay in Hong Kong I cannot go there, so I will be not going to Honkong for another 50 days. I am so far from the city, so i make my day based on being int he city for longer hours. So I try to go in at 10.30, 11 and then at 2 i have language course, after that i come home.
I am actually waiting for the school to start… pretty wierd. I want to see how cool will it be to be the only one that looks diffenrent. AND of course, I want to make a lot and lot of friends!
Yesterday i set my goals. 2 months from now i am on the speaking level of a 6-7 years old child. Watch out people, I will be communicating pretty than.
Oh and it rains a lot. So yesterday i could go to Dongmen but today is my day, i will take some photos for you guys 😉
Soo i am back, i bought 3headphones for 20 yuan, which is about 3 euros, so i think its pretty good, and a screen protector for like a euro. I loved to bargain, maan, it is soo much fun, especially when you know that you do not really want to buy it, and they just making it so much easier for you. I am getting the feel of Chinese everyday life 😛

Boni 1-2 he Kina 288.JPG
And i bought some snack… I couldn’t bargain on that ones 😦
I have got some more stories coming up for you!

So Check this out!

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